League Manager

League Manager

League Manager is a web-based management system for administration of sports leagues. It is designed for Sports Facilities in need of a complete league management system providing, among other features, comprehensive scheduling functions with support for multiple fields/rinks, intuitive score keeping interface and support for field/rink reservations. The system can be easily integrated into existing websites and provides public facing pages for players to obtain information regarding schedules, stats and news.


  • Plugins for Hockey, Football and Soccer sports as well as Field/Rink Reservations
  • Comprehensive secure Control Panel with multi-user support
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities with ability to clone leagues and teams
  • Automatic calculation of player and team stats from game sheet information
  • League archiving (keep leagues as long as desired)
  • Post site news and notices with automatic expiration dates
  • Fully configurable: embeddable into existing website


League Manager provides a secure Control Panel with support for multi-user access. Administrators can be created with specific permission sets limiting user access control to specific areas of the system (i.e. Game Score Keeper can have an account with authorization to enter game sheet information only).

The advanced scheduling capabilities of the system can be used to automatically create games for all teams for an entire season, while insuring that games are not double-booked for the selected field(s)/rink(s). The ability to define playoff brackets also exists, allowing the definition of all series games to be schedule upfront and having winning team automatically (based on score keeping information) propagated from round to round upon winning a series.

Player stats are automatically calculated based on game sheet information entered, and league, player and team stats pages created in real time.